We can take your extension from a patch of Grass all the way to timber roof structure in a very impressive time frame. Send us your plans over and I can give you a close estimate before we come and visit to make sure we are in the right ball park with our price.

Once we have been and surveyed the job we will give you a fixed price for the whole job which will not change (unless the agreed job changes!) We are very reliable, we will be there when we say we are  and we pride ourselves on this.

What we offer.

  • Dig out foundations
  • Concrete foundations
  • Substructure masonry
  • Drainage installation
  • Finished floor structure
  • Super structure Masonry
  • Timber Floor Joist + Board (Carpenter)
  • *Timber roof Structure (Carpenter)

pax brickwork contractors Leicester

New Builds

We offer a fixed meterage rate for brick and blockwork package on new build homes. Send us your plans now and we can get a M2 rate agreed. If we get to this point I will then send the drawings off to the QS and we will get you a fixed price for your new build!

Retaining wall brickwork

Large scale Walls and Retaining walls.

If you have a large wall that needs building (3000+ bricks)  or need to hold some land back with a retaining wall, then give us a call.

We work closely with a structural engineer that will work out what kind of strength your wall needs to be to get your job done correctly.

PAZ Brickwork Contractors Leicestershire

Committed to Excellence

With over 20+ years experience, you are in safe hands with PAZ Brickwork.

We’ve provided our clients with the highest quality of brickwork on a wide range of sites from residential, commercial and industrial. No matter what the size of the project from a single home to 600 plus homes we will provide you with the best possible service. Whatever sort of development you have in mind, our highly qualified professionals will work to bring your dreams come to life.

Contact us today to enquire about any bricklaying services you may require.